The Resistance is trying to smuggle weapon supplies into the city, but the soldiers awaiting the latest shipment have been killed. I have to reach the lighthouse and signal the boat myself.
The Weapon Shipment is a side quest in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Van Helsing meets an injured soldier who says his entire squad was killed by some of the monsters that roam in the Industrial District. He asks Van Helsing to help him by signalling the weapon smugglers in the light house.


You will be able to get this quest as soon as you enter the Industrial Port. The wounded soldier is easy to locate. Starting from the Sewage Port Exit/Entrance, follow the north wall. You should see the soldier after a minute or so.


Part 1: Signal the smugglers with the lighthouse

Part 2. Secure the weapon shipment.

Walk ThroughEdit

A waypoint will appear on your screen as soon as you take the quest. From the soldier, head south and cross a bridge, turn right and walk until you reach a white building. This is the Light house. Head up the stairs and you will be able to interact with something that says Lighthouse Controls.

Part 1 is complete.

For part two, a new waypoint has appeared on the map. Basically you are heading west from your current position. You will have to cross one bridge, go around a dilapidated house and cross yet another bridge, go up on a dock and then walk all the way down the dock to an NPC named Anton. When you arrive you will be attacked by a horde of Werewolf Electric.

Anton will talk to Van Helsing, give him a weapon, and then Part 2 and the quest is complete.


  • An unidentified Rifle.
Eastwood .303 
Epic Rifle 
Size: 3 
Essence Capacity: 30 
Damage: 26.34(36.00/s)
Attack Speed: 1.20
Required Level: 22 

+7 Dexterity 
+6 Poison Damage Bonus 
Inactive: Enemies killed 0/250
Inactive: Enemies killed 0/500
Inactive Damage dealt: 0/50000

Selling Price: 3300
  • 500XP

Other Edit

There is an Xbox Achievement for completing this quest.

Smuggler: 20 Gamerscore