Vlados (reset Katarina)

Borislav Tveter (Artifact forge, place traps, research traps, generator improvements)

Dr Dampf (laboratory)

Matthias (store)

Gaspar the Romany Prince (Reset ability points, reset skill points)

Saffi (enchant item)

Todor Schimko (Gamble) available after completing The Assistant quest


Start the generator (from Vlados)

Enemy in tunnels (From Borislav)

The Gas projector (From Vlados)

Kill Fulmigati's General (from Vlados after completing the Gas projector)

The Assistant (from Borislav)

Hidden treasure (from Todor Schimko)

The Ritual (from Saffi)

The swamp lilies (from Saffi)

The Palace of Machines (from Vlados)

Werewolf on the run (from Dr Dampf)

(from Gaspar)