Main Quest, Chapter 1 Edit

"The easiest way to Borgova city is across the narrow bridge that spans a deep chasm. We're almost there"

  • Get across the bridge!
  • Find a village!
  • Talk to the Captain of the Guards!


450 XP


I reached the first village on my way to Borgova city.

Plot Summary Edit

This is the first quest a new character undertakes in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. In it, Van Helsing makes his way to the town of Markovna en route to Borgova (Borgovia in later games). The town gatekeepers bar Van Helsing entry, but Katarina's status as undead royalty overrides their initial concerns. Upon arrival in Markovna, the duo discover that the mayor of Markovna ventured into the wilderness and hasn't returned. Completion of this quest initiates The Mayor.

Strategy Edit

Follow the path northeast until confronted by the Markovna gatekeepers at the northeast end of the map. Speak to the gatekeepers to be admitted into Markovna. Once inside, speak to Captain Ilya, located southeast of the cathedral.