"An agile hunter with an assortment of ranged combat skills. An expert of the various applications of firearms and and battle stances who can summon mechanical seekers to find and mark his prey. When push comes to shove, he can also manipulate the flow of time at will" - In Game description

The Bounty Hunter is one of the main six playable classes within The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. This class primary is focused on the use of firearms, and other types of useful weapons at his disposal.

Like all classes, the Bounty Hunter skills are set at three different ranks of abilities within the skill tree.

Level One Perks

- Shoot: Your basic attack inflicting damage based on your ranged weapons

- Explosive Shot: A ranged attack that deals damage in a small area around the target it hits

- Icicle Shot: Deals normal range damage and slows targets by 50%

- Poisoned Shot: Deals poison damage in a 3 meter radius area. Targets also suffer Poison damage over time and become more vulnerable to further attacks

- Scattershot: Fires a burst of 8 shots at once in a 50° arc